The Unalome is the symbol that represents the path traveled by the human being in his search for the fullness and happiness of BEING; the much desired lighting.

This symbol is present in our prints, with the desire to remember and accompany in this way the Triskel woman, in the encounter with herself, in her moment of discovering and connecting with her inner goddess, in her practice.

For this reason each garment has the name of a goddess, remembering and awakening the powers of each of these goddesses inside.

We present a color palette to vibrate at high frequencies, from wine, color that roots like the first chakra to light colors like pink, beige and blue at higher vibrations. Gray and copper are also included, expressing our embrace to our shadow as an indispensable action to understand our light and fullness in life.

The textile nanotechnology in our garments allows properties such as Quick Drying, Sun Protection, Antibacterial, Sweat Anti-Stain and Improved skin appearance.