About Us

Triskel is a Colombian company funded in 2017 with the purpose of sharing wellness through their products and the consciousnesses it carries.  Products are leggings, sports bras, athletic shirts, shorts, pants and cover-ups for women mainly for yoga practice, but any other sport’s practice as well.

Single mothers responsible for the household income are the confectioners of this special clothes.

Founders of the company are two women that have found in yoga inner peace and harmony, so they want to share with other woman the empowerment and happiness that they have experienced through yoga, meditation and personal growth.

The idea came to them when María Paz one of them, started a new yoga studio in Ibagué, a small city in Colombia, and she was not satisfied with the market offer for yoga clothes to sell in her studio. One day after yoga class, María Paz was teaching and her close friend Ana María was taking the class, María Paz who knew how talented designer her friend was, asked her to make yoga clothes to sell at the studio. They talked how nice will be to have a different proposal, made with spiritual concepts and fashion and technology trends. But Ana did not accept in that moment, she just let the idea take better form in her mind, and after the next class She asked María Paz to be partners in that adventure, to empower femininity, inner connection and  wellness, not only for the customers, but for single mothers responsible for the household income also; Ana María was very connected with the difficulties of the textile sector in Tolima (Department in Colombia where Ibague is the capital city) and Colombia in general, so generate employment  was an important point for her, and that resonates in María Paz´s heart who is an industrial engineer that have always being thought that it is her responsibility to make working places to bring development and equity to their country. Then Triskel was born.

Triskel’s DNA reflects consciousness in several ways:

* ⁃           Using symbols as Triskel itself, third eye (6th chakra or Ajna), Unalome (Buddhist symbol for enlightenment), nature inspiration and sacred geometry among others.

* ⁃           Presenting a color palette to vibrate at high frequencies, to connect easier with our soul and unblock energies of our bodies;

* ⁃           Using messages in athletic shirts such as ‘Responsible not guilty’, ‘Divine spark here’ ‘Self-love first’  Ho’oponopono: ‘ I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you’

* ⁃           Every piece of Triskel’s collection has a goddess name to invite women to connect with her inner divinity and power.

* ⁃           Design is another relevant characteristic of the brand: style, comfort and femininity are the drivers of the special design of every garment.

In addition to all of this, the textile nanotechnology in garments allows properties.

such as fast drying, sun protection, antibacterial, anti-stain sweat and improvement of the appearance of the skin.

This brand content has connected with several influencers and celebrities of the latin world, that have use the products and posted about Triskel, reflecting their true affinity with the benefits and heart of the brand.

Triskel clothes are sell now not only in Ibagué, but in Bogotá, Medellín, Cartagena and on line to the world. But their dream is to cross borders and export, to make their impact in wellness bigger and bigger: in world´s women balance (body, mind and soul as Triskel symbol means) as customers, as direct or indirect employees, as partners, as beings.

Triskel is the result of design, consciousness and feminine empowerment from the heart of Colombia  to the wellness of the world 🏼