If you google yoga, you’ll find a lot of definitions, types, sections, benefits, etc.  Everything is marvelous, it has been written for us to create a mental idea of what it is. But in reality, you will only be able to know what it is when you experiment it by yourself. In the end, everything is absolutely subjective and what definitions try to do is to describe with language something that is indescribable. So I rather summarize what Yoga has meant in my life. My path in yoga started 15 years ago, when I assisted to two classes. I must confess, though: I hated it. Yes, I didn’t like it at all, I didn’t find its charm, and I didn’t see anything special in what people were telling me about. 7 years later I came back and I fell in love with it. It has been almost eight years following this path and it’s been a wonderful adventure.

15 years ago, those yoga classes showed me that I wasn’t feeling comfortable in my skin, that my energy was blocked and very little was flowing, that my mind was stunned with thoughts filled with pain and malaise, that I was looking for a physical activity that distracted me and helped to release my internal anger, and of course, to have a magazine-like body. Those two classes told me all of that, I didn’t realize, I wasn’t ready to receive such information. I returned seven years later and I must make another confession: It was because of my broken heart. My quest was to seek for a little bit of peace in my heart, and to not feel that pain even if it was for a while. I met a nice friend, Juliana, who was a teacher, and had invited me several times to her studio so that I could try again. Manuela, another great friend was interested in starting yoga. So one day, we encourage ourselves to go to classes, and ever since no one has been able to take me out.


I started assisting, to experiment different styles, difficulties, teachers, meditations, mantras, and books, and my life started to make a deep and beautiful turn. Not only I achieved the piece that my heart needed at the time, but I started to think with more clarity, I began to know myself, recognize myself, to be comfortable in my skin, to learn how to be in silence with myself, to avoid distraction instead of looking for it, to recognize my talkative mind and my calmed mind, to breathe in different ways  and its effects in my body and in my emotions, to learn about humility and patience, to accept myself, to love myself, to feel my spiritual being, to comprehend love and compassion; and to (as my dear Francisco Ortiz would say) to stop believing that God exists to really know that it exists, feel it, to comprehend that we are a divine spark and that we are One.

(Here an important clarification, yoga is NOT a religion, and it’s not against any other religion. For me, it’s a way of experimenting spirituality, comprehending that it is absolutely personal and respecting the way in which others experiment it)

How does all of this happen? Practicing, being consistent. The most beautiful thing that yoga does is that it makes you conscious of yourself, it’s a space of connection that goes

beyond anything that somebody will be able to tell you with words. What I can say is that once you begin to awaken yourself, to elevate your conscience there is no going back. I mean, you get to know who you are, where and how to find wellness, you cannot not-know!

I had to stop my physical practices for some years due to my pregnancies, but I kept meditating, breathing, and enhancing my spirituality as best as I could. They have not stopped because yoga goes beyond the mat. You learn yoga on the mat, but you practice it in your life.

This has been my journey. I invite you to make yours and to create your own definition of yoga. Unroll your mat and write your own story!

P.S..: If besides of health, peace, self-esteem, love, knowledge, abundance, joy and wonderful friends, you can also get that magazine-looking body 😉

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